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Evergreen Organics. Evergreen. EG. Organics. It doesn't matter what you call us, we’re still the same place that we were when we first opened our doors in 2016. We are Qatar’s first and only completely plant-based café. One hundred, quadruple, percent vegan—something we are super proud of. Every day we wake up and make fresh, delicious, and nutritious food in our kitchens in Qatar that goes near and far, even beyond our borders, into homes, offices, schools, and even airplane cabins, making a healthy lifestyle desirable without compromise. Our cafes are safe places for the conscious community. Together we are evergreen.


Ghanim Al-Sulaiti is a young Qatari entrepreneur passionate about creating a positive impact on society by promoting a plant-based lifestyle. In his spare time, he is a serial entrepreneur, founding his first business—Evergreen Organics—in 2016, and now has over 10 projects currently live or under development. All of these projects share the same vision and values as its founder—to be vegan, sustainable, and promote a healthier lifestyle. Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the creative and operational procedures needed to produce excellent brands. Ghanim has a personal interest in developing dialogue about healthy living, veganism and sustainability. With a mind wired for logic and strategy and a desire motivated by the passion of creativity and business savviness. Ghanim is on a mission to help and transform people’s mindsets to live a lifestyle that helps their planet, their health, and their future. Ghanim has worked extensively with local schools and regional organizations such as Qatar Foundation, Ooredoo Doha Marathon, Qatar National Library, Qatar Financial Center, and the Qatar Investment Authority, producing educational programs to change the status quo. He holds a BSc in Civil Engineering from Drexel University, USA.

Jawaher, more commonly referred to as Joujou, co-founded Qatar's first ever fully vegan and organic restaurant, Evergreen Organics. An advanced yoga teacher and the first ever local Lululemon ambassador, she has undertaken over 700 hours of yoga training and has spent extended periods of time with luminaries in her field in India, Bali and Los Angeles, USA. This international upbringing has given Al Fardan the opportunity to experiment with raw food, vegetarianism and veganism, as well as exploring a range of fitness techniques. Joujou has taught the largest yoga class in Qatar's history, with 600 attendees coming together to share the practice.


The menu of Evergreen focusses on nourishing and delicious filling meals. It has a unique variety of savory bowls full of healthy fats and protein, plant-based burgers made like no other, and guilt-free desserts curated by our highly-trained chefs from international backgrounds. A menu designed to satisfy any lifestyle, diet choices, and with attention to nutritional information and allergens computed and labelled by the in-house nutritionist. Find choices for gluten-free, soy-free, sugar-free, keto, low calorie, and high protein.